In early 2015, we decided I would leave my full time job, and we would pull the kids out of school a month early in order to give them a “real world” education. We had decided to embark on a 3 month backpacking trip through South East Asia and Eastern Europe. It was phenomenal! You can read all the blog posts here.

We love to travel and are constantly checking our favorite site, Skyscanner for cheap flights to anywhere in the world. That is it how it came to be that my wife and I traveled to Cuba for our 15th anniversary in February 2017. You can read all about that here.

Our friends asked if we wanted to go to Malaysia with them for spring break. She’s from there and they go as a family every 2 years or so to stay with her parents and siblings on Borneo. We had just bought our tickets to Cuba, so we turned them down. But of course, my itchy fingers navigated to Skyscanner and sure enough, tickets to Malaysia for spring break super cheap were to be found! So Travels with Superman will be heading back to Malaysia for 2 weeks at the beginning of April. See you soon!


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