WOW!! We are really doing this!! (??) Are we?? We can’t believe it. It’s finally here!


Yesterday was the kids last day as school. There were some tears when the girls had to say goodbye to close friends. But all our friends were very excited for us… and so are we. The kids couldn’t wait until today.

We spent the night at our close friends house (THANKS MITCH AND MIMI AND JACK AND QUINN). Stayed up all night watching movies and playing foosball and trains with Tai. This morning we did our final re pack of all our stuff… and got some good pictures before the trip to the airport.

IMG_1719    IMG_1720    IMG_1727


IMG_1729    IMG_1724

Once we got to the airport, the fun started. Right out of the gate (actually before we could even get to the gate), we were told you can not fly into Singapore without having proof that you’re leaving Singapore in the future; a return ticket, or a ticket onward. So they wouldn’t hand us our boarding passes!!! UGH!  The very nice and friendly lady behind the counter escorted us into the back room so I could use a computer to purchase bus tickets on Friday morning from Singapore to Johor, Malaysia (just across the border). So I guess that’s our next travel plan! 🙂

IMG_1732 (selfie!!)

Finally we got to get through security and to the gate. Oh and of course, our flight is delayed. 😦

IMG_1734    IMG_1736(even Superman has to take a plane once in a while)



3 thoughts on “AND WE’RE OFF!!!!

  1. Hi Ken,Tuyet,Kim,Tia and Tay. Forgot to get the name of your flight and flight# . Would like to have it. HAVE A GOOD FLIGHT AND A SAFE TRIP. JEG ELSKER JER. LOVE MOR-FARMOR.

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