Taipei, Taiwan

We’re almost there! We landed in Taipei late Sunday night local time11:45pm. We were wide awake! (as it was 8:45am Pacific Coast Time).


On our way through security to the next terminal in the airport, a friendly flight attendant told us about the Hello Kitty waiting area/play space. PERFECT.



TRAVEL TIP: Taipei airport has tons of waiting lounges based around different themes. And they’re only separated by a few gates.

We found another waiting lounge, the e-library, that was perfect for taking a nap while waiting for our 7:40am flight to Singapore.



After a (not so) restful night’s sleep, it was rise and shine for some Taiwanese breakfast; noodles with dumplings and pork dumplings (sorry, we were so hungry we forgot to take a picture before we ate it all!)




4 thoughts on “Taipei, Taiwan

  1. I would have love to have seen a Tiwanies breakfast.

    But I understand you guys were hungry.

    I’m loving the post. Keep them coming. Tell the kids I miss them already. I miss you (Snow) too. Love you guys.



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