Getting Here

After 3 days of traveling, we’re finally here in Singapore. It’s Tuesday morning and we’re about to start our first full day here after sleeping for 12 hours last night.

For many, 3 days of travel is a lot of time to sacrifice for what may only be a 1 or 2 week vacation. For us, we’re more than willing to sacrifice that time and pinch those pennies. We’re planning on being out here for 2 to 3 months and we need to make that budget extend as far as possible.

We went with cheaper tickets to Singapore opting for the 8 hour layover in Taipei sleeping in the airport overnight.

When we got to Singapore, we could have easily taken a taxi to our hotel for about $60S dollars (approx. $48 US). Instead we knew the public train would be cheapest (SMRT) at $2.40S per person. We even asked if Tai who’s 4 years old would be free. Yes he is, BUT we had to go to a specific train ticket office to present his passport in order to get a child train ticket card. All in all, getting 5 tickets for the train took us about an hour. On top of that, we could have paid more to get to the Little India train station, but after studying the map I found a station that was a shorter ride and thus cheaper but would result in a 12 minute walk. Again, not a big price for us to pay… we love to walk and we’d better get used to it in this heat.

As far as eating goes, we never look for the fancy looking restaurants all decked up for tourists. One, it’s expensive (relatively), and two, it’s not always that authentic. Last night we went to the Tekka Center in Little India. I think we saw maybe a dozen other foreigners there, everyone else looked to be the working and middle class of Singapore out for a meal. The first floor was full of food stalls. WE COULD NOT DECIDE WHAT TO EAT! And we couldn’t eat it all either! It was delicious… and of course cheap.

Lastly, there are Starbucks everywhere in Singapore. As many of my friends back home know, I would have had 3 or 4 drinks by now. But I haven’t had a one. Again, we’re trying to make our budget stretch as far as possible taking us as far around the world as possible.


4 thoughts on “Getting Here

  1. Shoot, maybe you should have saved your free drink to try one there! 😉 you guys are all amazing and I’d anybody can stretch a dollar, it is you!


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