HELLO MALAYSIA… (show me the money…?)

It should go without saying that nothing every goes as planned when traveling. It’s always best to “go with the flow” and maintain an upbeat attitude. It also helps to not schedule too much stuff too close together. 🙂

We had purchased bus tickets from Singapore to Johor Bahru (see earlier post) for 11:15am departure. We took great care to check out of the hotel by 8am (8:15am it was), eat breakfast and get to the subway station by 9am (9:30am it was). “Please arrive an hour before departure” said the ticket… However, once we finally found the Coach boarding terminal, we were told “Oh… so sorry… no 11:15am bus today. Next bus at 12:15pm… Thank you.” Well OK… no problem. Good thing we don’t have train tickets from Johor to Kuala Lumpur ‘till 11:55pm tonight.

The bus ride was pretty uneventful, until we got to the boarder. The non-English speaking driver tried to tell us to “get off here”. Ummm… what? “Show passport”. Ah…. OK. We had to go through the boarder control and meet the bus on the other side before driving into Malaysia. Once back on the bus, we proceeded to settle in again, then the bus driver parked and said, “OK, get off”. ???? “Johor here”. Wow, that was fast. 🙂

Next task? Find storage locker, get cash, explore. 🙂 Storage locker found. Need cash to pay for it.

ATM #1… didn’t work.

ATM #2… didn’t work.

ATM #3… didn’t work.

ATM #4… didn’t work.

ATM #5… didn’t work.

Find bank.

ATM #6 & 7 didn’t work.

Go upstairs in bank… use Credit Card to get cash advance.

GOT CASH (thanks UOB bank!)

That took 2 hours. Great. Again, good thing we don’t have train tickets from Johor to Kuala Lumpur ‘till 11:55pm tonight. Too tired to explore. Go to mall for next 8 hours to chill, do homework, eat dinner, write blog.

Then it’s on to Kuala Lumpur… 11:35pm departure tonight, 6:55am arrival Saturday morning.

Hello Malaysia!


3 thoughts on “HELLO MALAYSIA… (show me the money…?)

  1. In Muscat, I know where every Bank Muscat ATM is in a 15km radius is as the one I want is invariably out of service. But it is 10 times more frustrating in a place you don’t know. Good you left lots of time.


    1. Hey Meezan.
      Turns out the ATMs weren’t bad, it was my card. Even though I informed my bank of our travel plans, they still ended up putting a stop on my card until I could call them to approve the attempted cash withdrawals.


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