Third Wave Power

About 4 or 5 years ago, I read an article on Gizmag about a Singapore based company that developed a unique solar charging device, the mPower Pad. It was originally marketed as a device for third world countries. On one side is a solar panel, on the other are the “controls” for a flashlight, reading light, FM radio, and high frequency bug repellant. The features are only accessed via tilt control (no buttons). Also the device has 2 USB ports in order to charge up devices. I WANTED ONE!  So I contacted them on their web site about purchasing one.  They decided to put some up on eBay and I snatched one up. We use it every time we go camping, or on a long road trip. People often wonder what it is, and I gladly give them a brief sales pitch. 🙂

When we had decided to make the trip to Singapore, I didn’t hesitate in contacting Third Wave Power saying I wanted to stop by and say HI and perhaps upgrade to one of their newest models.

Third Wave Power is located in a new tech section of Singapore just west of the botanical gardens as part of an “Incubator” company; “Small World Group Incubator”. There were 3 small start up companies on site, and Ms. Chiet Ping Chong (one of the primary owner/investors) said there is 1 other company off site and several that have grown to become fully independent. I met with KL of Third Wave Power, expressed how much we’ve enjoyed their product, and asked about purchasing one of the newer ones.

It was a great feeling to walk out with a new mPowerPad 2 Explorer; same features of the original mPower Pad plus a removable battery charger and sleeve to put the mPower Pad in. Well, almost the same features. Instead of tilt control, there are now buttons on top and on the sides. Instead of bug repellant, there’s an SOS feature.


I was very happy!

We plan on using our new mPower Pad 2 Explorer for the remainder of our trip… and beyond!



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