Kuala Lumpur Malaysia – Day 2 — Batu Caves [Sunday May 10th 2015]

Our second day in Kuala Lumpur, we took the train out to Batu Caves at the northern end of the city. We spent several hours there marveling at the various temples and statues at the base of very steep cliffs. The highlight of the Batu Caves are the 272 steps to the top and into the caves to view more shrines and temples. IMG_4839  IMG_4844 IMG_4850  IMG_4853 We started climbing the steps just as a procession was happening. We took our time and paused now and again to marvel at the 2 dancers with hooks in their backs. One of the dancers was even being swung around by his hair by a procession helper! I got some good video of climbing the stairs and of the procession. That will be posted soon (check back!). IMG_4865 To give the kids some energy for the hike up the steps, we bought them each a popsicle. What we weren’t fully prepared for were all the monkeys along the way up! They were not at all afraid of humans…. in fact we were vary wary of them! Read Tia’s upcoming post about what happens along the climb!  😉 IMG_4856  IMG_4875 We were warned that the caves may stink quite a bit (batu caves = bat caves). But in fact, they were not stinky at all. Perhaps it was the time of year we arrived? Not sure. IMG_4878   IMG_4879   We spent a little time at the top looking around, enjoying the nice cool breeze, then made the easy hike down the steps and had lunch at a Vegetarian Indian restaurant at the bottom. IMG_4883 IMG_1942 After lunch, on the way back to the train, the girls decided to get some henna tattoos. Beautiful!! IMG_4887  IMG_4888


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