Kuala Lumpur – Day 3 [Monday May 11th 2015]

After checking out of our hotel in Chinatown, we took a train one stop to KL Sentral and stored all our luggage in a locker then proceeded by train three stops to downtown KL. Using our Lonely Planet guide book, we walked to a large mall (Pavilion KL) that had a very nice food court, Food Republic, featuring different dishes throughout SE Asia. After lunch we found a very cool candy store, Sticky. Read Kim’s post about it here.

One cool discovery about downtown Kuala Lumpur is that several buildings are linked by an air conditioned elevated walkway! We walked to the KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Convention Center) which led us out to the lovely KLCC park and to the twin Petronas Towers.

Petronas Towers viewed from KLCC park
Petronas Towers viewed from KLCC park

The Petronas Towers are very impressive on a grand scale and must be seen in person. They were quite a sight!

IMG_4899  IMG_4927




The thing to do... Tia lied on her back and Kim jumped into the picture!
The thing to do… Tia lied on her back and Kim jumped into the picture!


Our intent was to then walk to an outdoor Hawkers Market for dinner that’s “not to be missed”. Unfortunately we continued to have issues getting cash out of any bank ATM in Malaysia [see my upcoming post about money in Malaysia]. As such we had to head back to KL Sentral station, retrieve our bags, grab some more American cash to exchange, then eat in the station [see Tia’s post about Noodles here].

After dinner it was time to say goodbye to KL as we waited for our 10pm overnight train to Penang. The second time taking an overnight was certainly not as bad as the first time. The only catch this time was Tia and I were in one car while Tuyet, Kim, and Tai were in another car. That wasn’t an issue as we all managed to get off the train at the correct stop at 5am the next morning.


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