Sticky, hard candy store – Kuala Lumpur Malaysia [Monday May 11th, 2015]

[Posted by Kim Hansen — not edited by Daddy except for correct spellings added in brackets] Today for lunch we ate at a mall. There was a food court at the mall called food republic. There me and m siblings shared 2 fried rice bowls with beef it was really good. My parents had rice and chicken. IMG_1990    IMG_1989 After lunch we went to a hard candy store called Sticky, traditional hand-made yummy. They had really good tiny hard candy there. We looked around the store. They had all different flavors. Apple, mango, orange, lychee, they even had durian, a very stinky fruit. They also had themes, like a birthday batch, a thank you batch, a abc batch, and more. It was so cool. IMG_2033 They had samples at the front. I tried the grape. It was really good. It tasted like grape, a lot. My mom and sister tried durian. The second they put it in there [their] mouth I could smell it so much. It smelled really really bd. My sister had a different candy to refresh her mouth. Soon they started making some. It was really cool. First they pored [poured] out some melted sugar on a pan. After hat they would pour some flavor and color on and spread it out. Then they started separating the colors by cutting it. Then they took the red and green, took it to separate section and started needing [kneading] it. The white was really big that they had to need [knead] it on a hook. It was really cool. IMG_1992  IMG_1993 After they made the shape of an apple. It was really cool how they shaped it. First they did the middle by wrapping the light green with the dark green to make the apple shape. Next they made the stem by making a pattern with white and red. Then they stuck everything together and added the white on the outside. Soon they made the red outline and started rolling it. [See a video of them making the candy here] IMG_2036 It was really cool how they rolled it to make it smaller. The size would change a lot, from big to small, it was so cool. As two people were rolling it one other guy was cutting off long sticks [sticks] of it. When they had about, a lot of sticks [sticks] they brought out two metal cubes. From each cube they would take some sticks [sticks] and started cutting them on the side with a knifish [knife-ish] thing. One of the guys made three longish pieses [pieces] and gave one to me and one of each of my siblings. IMG_2004  Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 9.59.10 PM Ones [Once] they were about done we left with some candy that we bought. My sister got a little toob [tube] that was labelled sweet. It was a mix of lychee, mango, and grape. The rest of the family got a bigger toob [tube] to share with a mix of flavours [flavors]. It was really good. I hope we come here another time. –Kim


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