The Monkey Fight – Penang Hill, Malaysia [Thu. 5/14/2015]

[As told to Daddy by Tia]

Today while we were walking around Penang Hill, we saw a girl monkey with her baby in the trees.


And we also saw a bunch of boy monkeys a few trees away.


The baby monkey was sooooo cute. The baby hung onto the mommy monkeys stomach. The mommy and the baby monkey were running away from the boy monkeys from tree to tree.



We didn’t know at first why they were running. But then we saw the boy monkeys chasing after the mommy and baby monkey from tree to tree. The boy monkeys were screaming like crazy monkeys (just like those guys in my class). Then me and my dad thought of what could be happening. Since I saw the movie Monkey Kingdom I remembered the bad monkeys were trying to take over the territory. It was so cool. The mommy and the baby were still OK. They had a good monkey boy with them to protect them. They lost their territory, but they were safe.


2 thoughts on “The Monkey Fight – Penang Hill, Malaysia [Thu. 5/14/2015]

  1. That is so funny! What do you mean by “bad” monkeys? Were there any other baby monkeys around? Were there other animals that you saw? I think it was really cool that you all watched Monkey Kingdom and that you knew about this monkey fight. You described it to us really well. Were you scared when you saw the monkeys fight? How did you feel? “Just like the boys in my class”, ha! Which boys are you talking about? 😉 That was very interesting. Can you watch for more monkey behavior like that? Was this your favorite thing that you saw in Malaysia so far?


    1. We saw lots of monkeys on Penang Hill as well as some black squirrels. We were watching the monkeys in the trees when all of a sudden a bunch of male monkeys started screaming and “running” from tree to tree towards the mommy and baby monkey we were watching. It reminded Tia of the Monkey Kingdom she saw so she decided she wanted to write about that.


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