Wats of Angkor, Cambodia — DAY 2 [Tue. 5/26]

For our second day at the Wats of Angkor, we found a tuk-tuk driver to take us on a modified long route in reverse around the temples. As stated in the Day 1 blog, we started day 2 back at Bayon inside Angkor Thom.

We stayed inside Angkor Thom to see more of the impressive structures and temples starting with both the Terrace of the Elephants and Baphuon Temple. We didn’t see much of Baphuon as it was a long walk down the causeway. Tuyet and Kim took the walk, then turned back when they got there. Terrace of the Elephants I found to be much more interesting, especially along the north wall. The wall was full of carvings.

Baphuon Temple
Baphuon Temple
Terrace of the Elephants
Terrace of the Elephants

Day2_TerraceOfElephants-2    Day2_TerraceOfElephants-3

After Angkor Thom we headed to Preah Khan to the north and walked from the west gate, through the temple and out the east gate where our driver was waiting for us. This was also a very impressive temple with lots of carvings to look at. Also, a very lovely looking 2 story structure on the north east corner, and lots of corridors that made it look like unending mirrors.

Entrance to Preah Khan
Entrance to Preah Khan

Day2_PreahKhan-2    Day2_PreahKhan-4



We headed to two more temples this day; Preah Neak Poan and Ta Keo Temple. Ta Keo was cool, it was a very steep and long climb up to the top. At the top it started to rain which was very refreshing



Wednesday we decided to take a break from Angkor and do something else. More to come…


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