Wats of Angkor, Cambodia — DAY 3 [Thu. 5/28]

We saved our final day for the biggest and the best; Angkor Wat.

After a day off, we grabbed a tuk-tuk early in the morning and headed out. After arriving we took the leisurely walk across the moat then found a Cambodian guide to take us around the Wat for an hour. I highly recommend hiring a guide at Angkor Wat. They are professional and speak English very well (as well as other languages) and are very informative.

Angkor Wat is very large and very impressive indeed. Lots of chambers, hallways, and statues, sculptures, and carvings in the walls. The kids favorite “room” was the booming room. These rooms were built such that by pounding your chest with your fist, a resonant boom is created. No other act creates such a resonance in these rooms. During prayers people would enter these rooms and pound their chests 7 times to be blessed. Even Tai was able to create a resonance.

The final central temple is built very high up with its 5 spires. So high in fact, they only allow entrance via one set of stairways which is guarded by staff and they don’t allow children up. We had heard that several years ago a Korean tourist fell from one of the stone stairways and died, thus the controlled entrance/exit from the central temple. My wife and I took turns going up.


All in all I was very impressed with Angkor Wat as well as with all the temples we saw. I do hope we can come back one day again and explore them some more… there is just so much to see!

AngkorWat-1    AngkorWat-2

AngkorWat-4    AngkorWat-5


Up up and away!
Up up and away!

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