The Motorbike Dinner Tour – Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), Vietnam — [Sat 6/6]

[As narrated to Daddy by Tia]

Tonight we took a motorbike dinner tour. I went on the motorbike with a girl.


The first place that we went we got noodles and meat. The second place we went was the cathedral and post office built by Eiffel. We had squid and cotton candy there. Then we went to the opera house and got drinks. Then we walked along the walking street and we saw a mini water show. Then we went to get coconut ice cream inside a real half of a coconut. It was really good. Then we started to go to get Vietnamese Pizza, but it started to rain. Kim and one of the other girls was almost already there so they kept going and got us pizza and came back. We had pulled over to stay dry. Then Kim and the other girl came back. It was only sprinkling then. Then we rode back to our hotel and we said bye.


We ate the Vietnamese Pizza in our hotel room and went fast asleep.

It was my favorite tour of all of them. It was really fun because it was one of my first times riding on a motorbike. My favorite place was where we got the squid and cotton-candy. 🙂



2 thoughts on “The Motorbike Dinner Tour – Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), Vietnam — [Sat 6/6]

  1. Sounds like a great tour 🙂 If you had the option of a tour that visited the less touristy areas of the city and focused on real, local life (no pretence), would you be interested?


  2. Wow. Some of your sketches are amazing! The tour we were on actually went to a non-touristy restaurant for dinner outside of District 1. The coconut ice cream shop we went to was also very non-touristy; we only saw 3 other foreigners in a sea of 100 Vietnamese. So to answer, yes we like seeing real local life. We even got to stay with my wives family outside of HCMC for a few days and plan on coming back after heading up north for a bit. Hope you’re doing good in HCMC.


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