We are back at it again! – Cuba

Travels with Superman is coming back; only this time we’re traveling without Superman or his two sisters. Next week Monday 2/6 my wife and I are headed to Cuba for our 15th anniversary! We are super excited!!

Why Cuba?? Why not!! It’s easier now then ever to get there as an American. No more lengthy paperwork to fill out. No need to go with a tour group. No need to request having your passport not be stamped in Cuba.

Every month since we got back from our last big trip, I’ve been checking out my favorite travel site Skyscanner to see where it’s cheap to fly to in the world and when. For the last couple of months, Cuba kept coming up in the number 4 or 5 spot. So we went for it!

I picked up a Lonely Planet guide book and we’re making a packing list. We plan on a few days in Havana, a few days in Trinidad, then back to Havana with hopefully a day trip to the Viñales Valley.

Because Cuba is still very much off the grid, we may not be able to publish any posts while there. We won’t be using our cell service, and wi-fi is not cheap. Public parks have wi-fi but you must buy a government access card at about $1-$2 per hour. I hear lines can be long, but I guess we’ll see for ourselves once there.

I do plan on another post before we leave. I’ll be keeping a journal (semi-required for the trip to Cuba in case we get asked later) and will post to our blog, post trip. 🙂



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