Getting ready for Spring Break in Borneo Malaysia

We have finally started packing. I’ve got my list of clothes, non-clothes items, first aid kit list, and to do list all made and ready to tackle. We’ve been reading the Lonely Planet Guide to Malaysia to get some ideas of what to see and where to go while in Borneo. We are getting super excited! One thing for sure is we will be spending two nights at a beachside resort in Santubong/Damai with our friends (a family of 4) on the coast outside of Kuching. We will also have 2 full days in Kuala Lumpur before heading home to LA. We look forward to hitting the night food market that we missed two summers ago when in Kuala Lumpur.

Another thing for sure is that we have a 14 hour layover in Shanghai between LAX and KL (Kuala Lumpur). What to do, what to do. Turns out, at a select few airports in China, it’s possible to get a free transit/layover visa for up to 72 hours! We’re in luck!! I’ve read a couple of web sites including a China Highlights site that offers the “12 1/2 hour day tour” to Shanghai. How convenient. Looks like we can hit about 3-4 key places in Shanghai before heading  on to KL then Kuching, Borneo.

Not sure if I’ll post again before we leave. So most likely the next post will be from Borneo… hopefully with pictures and story from Shanghai.



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