Wildlife and Jungles (Sat. – Mon.)

Friday evening and Saturday morning we relaxed again at the house. Saturday afternoon we made our way out to the village where our friend Jessica is from, but we made a few stops along the way.
The first stop was a crocodile farm. This was much more interesting then I expected. The farm was huge and had many types of animals in outdoor pens such as various types of crocodiles, snakes, peacocks, and more. The highlight of the farm is when they feed the crocodiles in a huge fenced in pond. This was very entertaining.

We continued on to Ranchan waterfall. The falls themselves aren’t very large, but they create a nice big swimming hole. Unfortunately it was pouring rain so we decided not to go swimming.
We headed back to the nearest town of Serian and found a great Indian Muslim restaurant for roti, curry, and rice.
It was after dark when we got to Jessica’s village so unfortunately we couldn’t see much.

Sunday we got up and out early on our own and headed to Semengoh Orangutan Sanctuary. This was awesome!!! At 9am the head ranger gives a nice 15 minute speech reminding all that this isn’t a zoo. The Orangutans are trained to live in the wild so they can be aggressive. The ranger’s hopes are that the Orangutans don’t show up for the 9am or 3pm feedings. That would indicate a success; the Orangutans have learned to find enough food for themselves. After his speech he opened the path to the feeding area in the jungle. Fortunately for all of us there, a total of 4 Orangutans came to eat, a mother and a baby followed by another mother and a child. I would have to say this was the highlight of our trip.


Afterwards we caught a bus into downtown Kuching then grabbed an Uber to a large outdoor market (Yes! There is Uber here now since September 2016). We spent the rest of the evening around downtown eventually checking into our hotel for the night then eating at the waterfront.
Monday morning it was up and out early again catching an Uber out to Bako village where we then bought entrance tickets to Bako national park and a boat ride from the village out to Bako park headquarters (that’s the only way to get to the park).
Due to the low tide we had to hop off the boat into the water on the beach and walk up to headquarters. We were met by hundreds of sand crabs, then a half dozen monkeys next to HQ!
We checked into HQ and checked the hiking map. There are 15 trails that can be done ranging from a flat 1/2km hike to an 8 1/2 hour trek al the way across the peninsula. We settled on a 2 1/2 km hike to a beach and arranged to have a boat pick us up there in 2 hours. We hiked straight up through the jungle to the top of the peninsula, across the bush, then back down the jungle to cliffs overlooking the beach and sea. Once on the beach we caught a boat back to HQ, then another boat back to Bako village, and finally a bus back to Kuching.


We finished the day off with dinner with our friends at The Dyak, a nice restaurant featuring traditional Dyak cuisine. It was superb.


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