Kuala Lumpur (Tuesday – Thursday)

Tuesday afternoon we flew back to Kuala Lumpur after some more amazing Sarawak Laksa for breakfast of course. Laksa was the highlight of the day, the low point?… after checking into our hotel we headed for the subway to Petronas Towers. Rush hour, packed train, just off the plane from the “country” and my wallet was picked. We of course weren’t going to let that ruin our evening. After canceling my cards and exchanging more cash (we carry cash in 4 different locations while traveling), we got some dinner and checked out the towers.

Wednesday morning we strolled through Little India snacking on street food making our way to Kumpung Bharu where we stopped for lunch (Asam Laksa… what else?). After lunch we headed back to Petronas Towers and found a water park to cool off in. Tai was very upset that we forgot to bring his swimsuit.

After cooling off, we headed to KL Plaza and to our favorite store, Sticky Candy, and bought lots of treats. After dinner in the food court, it started to pour, so we stayed in the mall and watched Baby Boss at the theater, then had a nice walk back to our hotel.

Thursday was our final day in Kuala Lumpur and it was a very good day. We grabbed an Uber to Pudu Market, which was HUGE, stinky, and messy. We loved it! We grabbed breakfast and walked around the market snacking.

We then headed to KL Eco Park, home to KL Tower and a canopy walkway through this preserved rainforest park in the middle of the city. That was a nice little break.


We grabbed another Uber back to the Petronas Towers and the water park, this time with the kids swim suites, and cooled off for a while then played in the play structure for a while.

Another Uber, this time to Chinatown, Central Market and Petaling street. We spent the rest of the afternoon/evening around here souvenir shopping, eating, walking around, eating. We found a great Chinese Noodle restaurant for dinner and lots of great snacks on the street.


We had a very late flight and had planned to stay out until 9:30pm. But we were getting pretty tired so we walked back to the hotel to pickup our bags and order an Uber to the airport. Having arrived 4 hours before our flight, we had a lot of sitting around to do before heading home via Shanghai.

This was a really great Spring Break with the family and our friends the Chambers. All the kids had a great time playing together. We had a great time getting out and seeing a bit of Borneo. We’d love to go back and see more! We only wish we’d known about Uber sooner! What an easy, safe, and cheap way to get around Malaysia. I’ll do one final post with more pictures from out trip as well.


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